Three are keepers of the sacred Triforce

Six wolves, running around the Bay Area together, in San Francisco, looking for rupees and heart containers. So tonight, we make a toast!The six guys (well, five and one lady) — Ashley Raj, Josh Kulinski, Willie Harper, Ehren Tye, Josh Tyler and Brian Cummings — have become “best friends” over the years, so decided to mint their replica Tissot T17.1.886.32 Men's Watch friendship with Legend of Zelda tattoos. Three are keepers of the sacred Triforce, three are guardians of the Hylian Crest.Looking good, people. Here's hoping you also made a pact in blood that the last one of you alive gets the pot of rupees.

..”A theme park in China's Szechwan province constructed a large orange statue that looks similar to the RX-78 Gundam erected in Tokyo last year. While the Gundam lawyers are going into mobile lawsuit mode, the park's operators say theirs is original.The Japanese media is quick to point out obvious similarities, but China's Floraland Park is replica Tissot T02.1.181.81 WoMen's watch rejecting the claims that their 15-meter mecha copies Gundam. Can't you tell, it's totally different!The statue was constructed for the Christmas season, Kyodo News reports.

It is being held up by a series of wires.Debuting in 1979 in Gundam, the Gundam mecha franchise also has a devoted following in China.'Gundam' in China park causes fresh copyright stir ? Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion [Japan Today] [Pic]”In summer 2009, Bandai Namco constructed an enormous, life-sized 59-foot-tall Gundam statue replica Tissot T02.2.181.81 WoMen's watch in Tokyo, following with an updated version earlier this year. China is working on one of it's own, but don't tell Namco Bandai.Apparently, a theme park in China's Szechwan is constructing a slightly smaller Gundam-type statue of its own, in glorious orange. Details about the statue are scant, but Gundam seems to be gaining in popularity in China, hence this creation.

This peripheral lets you combine the best of both worlds

This peripheral lets you combine the best of both worlds.The XIM series of controller adapters for the Xbox 360 have been around for a while now, but they've been tricky to use and expensive. The new XIM3, however, seems to have a fix for both those problems.For one, while previous models were a little...ghetto, the XIM3 is housed replica Tissot T17158652 Men's Watch in a classy LCD box, which hopefully makes connection and configuration a cinch.It'll also be cheaper than the last version, which came in at USD$200, because it no longer needs to use specific forms of wired controller to connect to the Xbox 360 (instead just using the standard, official wired controller).

The XIM3 works by acting as a “translator” or “bridge” between your Xbox 360 and PC peripherals. You plug your PC's keyboard and mouse into the XIM3, then plug it into the Xbox 360, and it's good to go.It of course won't appeal to everybody, especially since so many big shooters get their own PC versions anyway, but if you want to play replica Tissot PRC200 watch something like Halo Reach with some more precise controls, this looks like a good way to do it.[XIM3]”If you flip on your television, chances are pretty high you'll see a McDonalds ad. For those living in Japan, chances are higher you'll see a mobile phone game commercial. Way higher.

For the month of December, the most common commercial on greater Tokyo television was for mobile game site Gree with 2,800 commercials. Number two was rival gaming site Mobage with 2,000 commercials. Mobage operator DeNA is currently in hot water due to its business practices.To put things into context, 7Eleven was number four with replica Tissot T0144101105700 Men's Watch somewhere between 600 and 700 commercials, while McDonalds was number six.Both Gree and Mobage are tens of billions of yen annually — and spending a good chunk of that on air time. Check out some of their ads below. A Visual Guide To Japanese Mobile Phone Game Commercials And now they know for sure, there are six guys in the wolf pack.

It doesn't matter if it's a live-action representation

It doesn't matter if it's a live-action representation, a pre-rendered cinematic sequence or a few minutes of raw, inspiring gameplay, let us know in the comments below.We'll be taking a look at your nominations — along with our own shortlist — and before the year is out will sit down, sort through the best and crown a winner."Donkey replica Tissot T0144101605700 Men's Watch Kong meets Star Wars. By Carlos Escárrega, as seen on it 8-bit."For the umpteenth time Final Fantasy IV is getting remade. This time, it's being called Final Fantasy IV: Complete. Hopefully that'll mean developer Square Enix is finished re FFIV.The game features Final Fantasy IV as well as Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Final Fantasy IV Complete will be out next spring in Japan.”When not new Final Fantasy games, Square Enix likes to remake old Final Fantasy games. There's one title in particular that the company cannot stop re, though I really wish it would.Remakes of Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years are headed to the PSP next spring. The replica Tissot T17.1.586.52 Men's Watch games will be on a single UMD and have spruced-up graphics. None of this is really necessary, however. This game has been remade a gajillion times.Final Fantasy IV was first released in Japan in 1991 on the Super Famicom (Super Nintendo), but a tweaked version called Final Fantasy IV: Easy Type followed later that year. The game was then remade for the PlayStation in 1997.

It was then released on the WonderSwan in 2002 and the Game Boy Advance in 2005. It was then remade for the Nintendo DS in late 2007. It was then released on the Wii Virtual Console in 2009, and on two Japanese cell phone operators that same year. The game was released on another cell phone operator earlier this year.Not all those games are remakes — many of them are ports. But seriously? Another replica Tissot T17158642 Men's Watch Final Fantasy IV remake? Really? The inclusion of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which was released on WiiWare last year, might be interesting to the handful of people who aren't sick of Square Enix dragging this game out, in one form or another, year after year. (??`) ]”While most Xbox 360 games make using a control pad enjoyable, there are still a lot of people who prefer using a mouse and keyboard, especially on shooters.

will be announced at next year's Independent Games Festival Awards

The Nuovo Award, a $5,000 USD prize, will be announced at next year's Independent Games Festival Awards on March 2, 2011 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, during Game Developers Conference 2011. All Nuovo finalists will be playable at the IGF Pavilion at GDC 11 from March 2nd to 4th.”The video game holiday cards keep on coming. This one is from Lucasfilm and is, perhaps, a preview of a new character replica Tissot T17158632 Men's Watch being digitally added to The Empire Strikes Back.This came with the card too. Enjoy!”To: TotiloFrom: Bashcraft Hi Totilo!What you missed last nightUncharted Movie Director Suffers Awkward Actor PleaA Giant Denial For Gundam Rip-Off ClaimBlack Ops' First Downloadable Content Is Oscar MikeReview: X-Men Reopens A Classic Six-PackWhat Was Your Favorite Trailer From 2010?[ Pic, Pic, Pic]”Not only a cute note, but a cute note and a smiley face.

The undercarriage of a Gran Turismo 5 car was caught sporting the logo.”It (the logo) is way too interesting,” Yamauchi tweeted earlier this month. “It will be erased in the next update.” The reason for this? “Because it's embarrassing.” According to a screenshot circulating online, the logo apparently has been removed. In its place, there is replica Tissot T0144101104700 Men's Watch this message:Thanks for finding this! :)You're welcome? :) This logo change seems to have been pushed through in the last update.”Thanks for finding this! : )” [2ch]”Get ready to fall in love with Dragon Quest VI. In 2011, the DS version of the game is finally headed to North America.On February 14, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie will be getting its official English-localized release.

Until now, the Japanese game was only available in English via fan translations.Dragon Quest VI was released in 1995. The Super Famicom (SNES in the West) version was intended for a US release, but it never materialized.[Pic]”Video game trailers are now such a key part of the landscape that they've taken on a life of their own, often times more replica Tissot T17.1.486.55 watch exciting than the games they're trying to sell. So we want to know: what are your favourites?Remember, we want to know what your favourite trailer from 2010 was. Not the trailer to your favourite game. These things have become so removed from the product they're selling they've become the music videos of the gaming world, and that's how we'd like to judge them: on their own merits, not that of the game that's inspiring them.


replica A Lange & Sohne Datograph Perpetual watches You're going for shock value

If I ask him to lie down and then I sit, he often growls at me (usually because he would rather be eating a roll of toilet than lying on his dog bed next to my chair). The bite. Dogs are physical creatures, even if their owners aren't. They nip and bite each other to reinforce their pack structure. Here are two good ways to simulate a bite. 1) Zap the dog on the cheek with the tips of your fingers. Think Bruce Lee, not Muhammad Ali. replica A Lange & Sohne Datograph Perpetual watches You're going for shock value, not pain. You want your dog to recoil in surprise. 2) Pinch the flank. Mike explained this earlier in "Dogs that Won't Drop." Same idea as before: Quickly grab a pinch of belly skin just in front of a hind leg, pull, and twist. Again, you're going for shock value, not a canine version of the titty twister.Time out. Dogs want to be with their masters.

While I cant comment on any rumours about Virgin entering F1, what would you all think if there was a Virgin F1 team? ~Sir Dick. His following has almost doubled in the past month. 3,559 Followers4. Shaun WhiteThe Flying Tomato lets his fans in on Patek Philippe replica watches where hes tearing it up on most weekends via his Twitter account. He also sends updates on how he does in competitions.

And just like his tricks, most of his sentences are capped with an exclamation point. Shaun White is crowned Overall Slopestyle Champion in Tahoe! 1856 Followers3. Barack ObamaWere hoping our president tweets on our recent article about the environmental books he should read. Its partly due to Twitters special coverage of the election that so many Zenith replica watches people signed up for the service. Obama, Al Gore, and John McCain all have huge followings. Still, our president hasnt posted for about a month. We eat a lot of pasta on the road because it has a lot of carbohydrates to help refuel us quickly. I also love sushi, and I wish that I could eat it more often.